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We see to the participation of Italian companies, entities and associations in major fairs and exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad.

We provide carefully crafted, targeted services to meet specific requirements, always ensuring that our exhibitors will have successful participations. In order to purchase exhibition spaces, for both pre-fitted and custom stands and booths, you can directly entrust us with all the tasks instead of applying to the fair organization, and we will draft and submit your application, as Meridiana is your contact in Sicily for the following events:

Progettazione - Servizi Meridiana Eventi


After collecting thorough information in our brief we will start working on your design project, whether it be a market fair, a pavilion in an international fair, a display booth at a convention, a conference, or virtual space – virtual stands, virtual events, virtual communication – or even an showroom set up on the company premises, as a sort of permanent on-site display stand.

Throughout the project we share ideas and exchange information with our customer in order to ensure that all the project steps meet their requirements and embed all the key visual, operational and communication aspects to guarantee its success. To this purpose, we aim at powerfully conveying your brand identity in order for it to be unique and stand out among its competitors as much as possible.

Stand & Padiglioni - Servizi Meridiana Eventi


Custom solutions are required both in stand and pavilion set-up. Whether the participant is an individual business, a consortium or a public entity, each exhibition space just needs to be characterized by its strong identity. Large exhibition spaces require a site survey of the event venue and the design project will have to consider the bigger picture without forgoing the enhancement of the individual character of each participant.

Regardless, the uniqueness of the design project is as essential as the selection of ideal materials, top-quality processing and attention to detail. When we provide turnkey solutions our customers don’t have to worry about a thing before the event takes place.

We offer both one-shot deals and long-term contracts. Accurate event scheduling will allow cushioning the effect of production, assembly, storage, overhaul and carriage costs, consequently helping budget monitoring and constant customer support.

Visual Communication - Meridiana Eventi Services


The impact you have on end-users/visitors attending any events depends on both the design and the appearance of the setting (whether a stand, booth, pavilion or else). To this purpose, our briefing is essential to pinpoint the key elements which will have to turn a simple venue into a unique, recognizable location, a symbolic and exciting event.

Whatever the reason for the occasion and the type of venue, the visual communication we create will be consistent with your business and marketing strategies, and will enhance the company brand of your products or services. The concept will be conveyed by a creative, skillful blend of graphics, pictures and the use of a wide range of visual media.

Eventi speciali - Servizi Meridiana Eventi


We create indoor and outdoor events with custom setups and props – ranging from market fairs to festivals, fairs, celebrations, conferences, sports events, cultural gatherings and various shows.

We use setups which can be adjusted to the specific place, weather condition, ambiance and occasion, ranging from temporary frame canopies to patented modular solutions, focusing on the use of architectural designs which ensure fast installation, sturdiness and customization.
We always combine innovation and operability to create outstanding solutions, showcasing your products with style, state-of-the-art design and refined elegance.

Noleggi - Servizi Meridiana Eventi


We support your events by providing state-of-the-art professional solutions, whether for show cooking or audio/video activities during fairs, shows, conferences, meetings and the like.

We provide top-quality products as well as our support before, during and after the event, thus ensuring hassle-free continuous operation of the required equipment.

Virtual design - Servizi Meridiana Eventi


Besides the photorealistic rendering we use for project presentations, we also create virtual exhibition spaces, that is, platforms aimed at creating and/or improving interaction with customers, partners as well as all the stakeholders linked to our client.

Thus, we provide custom design projects, such as Virtual Stands, Showrooms or Events, in a synergistic action with marketing strategies, in order to share products, services and various initiatives with you in real time, wherever you are.
We create an accessible open space to create and promote events, have remote meetings with customers, select venues for product/service presentations, chat and share multimedia content.

Retail & Brand strategy - Servizi Meridiana Eventi


All our creative products embody a perfect mix of your story and our expertise. Through talks with our customers, during the briefing and all through the processing we determine the ideal presentation of company brand or the product/service, sharing ideas in a continuous exchange to achieve the ideal solution to reach all reference targets.

Briefing, art creation, design, material research, preliminary work plan, prototyping, working plan and concept implementation: all these steps will be shared with the customer by our multi-skilled staff. As far as production is concerned, after selecting the most suitable material to meet company, logistic and regulatory requirements (in compliance with the applicable EU and non-EU regulations) we provide our customers recommendations on the most qualified suppliers on the market, based on cost-effectiveness and quality standards.

Finanza Agevolata - Servizi Meridiana Eventi


To support any customers interested in internationalization services, we identify the most suitable subsidized financing solutions to meet their needs and handle all the paperwork until the funding is obtained.

Support to export, international cooperation, EC projects, research and development are more and more often key activities required by companies wishing to create new business opportunities in EU and non-EU countries.

Magazzino e Lavorazioni - Servizi Meridiana Eventi


We store our materials carefully, in order for them to be ready for use in new projects at any time. We store a wide range of furnishings and accessories to customize each project, consistently with customer requirements.

We produce solutions in various materials – wood, glass, plexiglass, aluminium and metal – and in a wide range of paints and colours, as well as digital prints on various media.

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